How to migrating a cluster from wave to Calico?

How to migrating a cluster from wave to Calico? I have one old K8s cluster where is Wave network plugin. Any others from my K8s used calico. I’d like to change it to calico. For flannel migrating is excellent example + yaml. But for wave I don’t find it :frowning:

flannel to Calico migration is easier because we did work on both sides to make the networking compatible. Assuming you mean Weave, it’s not so easy to do an auto-migration. Some users have managed to migrate by installing Calico, removing the Weave CNI and then restarting all pods. I’m not sure how disruptive that is (I don’t know if Weave and Calico pods can communicate during the migration).

Ok, I will try to test the migration.

Ok, I made it!

kubectl delete -f “$(kubectl version | base64 | tr -d ‘\n’)”
sudo kubeadm init phase control-plane controller-manager --pod-network-cidr=
curl -O
kubectl apply -f calico.yaml

After Node servers restart calico-node and calico-kube work well.

That’s good to hear. A user also reported that Weave-networked and Calico-networked pods can communicate while migrating is in progress since both provide routing on the host.