CentOS 8 possible?

I’m trying to run Canal on a Kubernetes Cluster under CentOS 8.
I initially use the instruction found at

with a slight deviation:
I disable the firewalld on all the VMs.
and passing --pod-network-cidr= to kubeadm init.
With the weave network plugin, I was able to do pod to pod ping test.
I deleted weave and follow the instruction:

to install canal.
I’m not able to do pod to pod ping test.
Looking at the different pod log, I don’t see any error.
Any idea, what I should look.

I found the issue was related to FELIX_IPTABLESBACKEND need to be set to NFT.
When I edited the daemonset, it worked.
But when I added to the canal.yaml above, it doesnt seams to work…