When trying to advertise service ips, what does "Cluster" vs "Local" mean?

I’m trying to advertise my service IPs via BGP. I followed the Configure BGP peering guide, and every node has peered to my FortiGate firewall. But I only get the route, as I was also expecting to get /32’s when services came online, but I’m not. Anything outside my cluster can’t access the service unless I add a static route to the node that the pod is running on, and I’m sure this is not how it’s supposed to work.

So now I’m digging through the Advertise Kubernetes service IP addresses guide and I’m stuck on Advertising service IPs: quick glance where it talks about service modes, and says Generally, we recommend using 'Local' for the following reasons. Is this talking about the service I’ve created for the deployment? If so what is Cluster vs Local? Or is it talking about something else like the BGP configuration? It’s not exactly clear what it’s talking about.

It’s talking about the externalTrafficPolicy in the Spec of your Kubernetes Service. Create an External Load Balancer | Kubernetes

Thank you @fasaxc! As always, very helpful.