External acccess and kubernetes networking


Been setting up my on-premise kubernetes cluster with the defaults. (Using Puppet but it all seems to be normal standard setup)

There’s nothing wrong with the standard setup. ipinip pod network going over the single interface I have on the nodes.

But what I would like to do is to have an external services be able to use an IP that is not on the same subnet as my master/worker nodes.

How would I do that in Calico? Is it possible to do?
I could add an extra networking interface with access to my “services network” and then add a static route but would calico understand this and announce it correctly using BGP?
Or do I have to give up the idea and put all my worker nodes in my “services network” instead of the current “management” network? (Single interface setup)

Yes, you can add an extra IP to the nodes and then use that as an external IP for a service; Calico supports advertising external IPs to the rest of your network.

Thanks. I think much om my questions is part understanding how routing works and part understanding the Calico way of working together with Kubernetes.

More testing and learning needed.