Issues with Helm chart installation of calico in EKS

We intend to use calico for networking policies in EKS using AWS VPC CNI plugin.
We installed projectcalico/tigera-operator v3.24.3 with customised values.yaml
We did these modifications in values file
Installation tag: provided KubernetesProvider as EKS, AWS ECR registry
OpenSSL certs for node and typha (cert, key, commonName, caBundle)
and ECR image endpoints for tigeraOperator and calicoctl.

Issues we face is:

  1. Not able to run typha and node pod successfully in calico-system namespace
    (typha pod shows in ContainerCreating state, node pod shows in Terminating state).
  2. Apart from these pods, there are no other pods running in that namespace
    Because of this we are not able to proceed with policy writing.

Kindly help

I believe that Calico v3.24.3 has a bug which prevents it from starting up. You need to use v3.24.4+ which has the fix.

In general, always use the latest patch release to get all the latest bugfixes.