Loxilb and calico CNI

Glad to introduce loxilb : GitHub - loxilb-io/loxilb: eBPF based cloud-native service load-balancer. Powering K8s|Edge|5G|IoT|XaaS Apps.

loxilb is an open-source service load-balancer for cloud-native workloads written from scratch using eBPF as its core-engine and based on Go Language. It is developed primarily to support on-premise, edge and public-cloud kubernetes cluster deployments, but it should perform well as a standalone load-balancer as well.

loxilb was designed with a cloud-native approach from the ground-up and provides full-stack stateful kernel bypass networking. Its purpose-built ebpf engine gives it various advantages such as exceptional performance, scalability and the flexibility to support services ranging from simple (tcp/udp/http) to exotic ones (gtp,sctp,nat66,nat64 etc).

loxilb works as a MetalLB replacement and integrates perfectly with Calico CNI. Hope the community finds it helpful and constructive.