Lost connecton from host to vms

My k8s setup is based on two kvm vms with Ubuntu 18.04 through virbr0:

  • master node in with IP
  • master node in with IP

I can connect to and ping both the vms. The k8s cluster is bootstrap with kubeadm 1.20.1. Network is applied in the following way:
kubectl apply -f https://docs.projectcalico.org/manifests/calico.yaml

After the worker node has been joined to the cluster, the ssh connections from the host to both vms is lost. I can’t ping the vms neither.

When I log in the vm through virt-viewer I can access both of them through ssh and can ping them. But there is no ping to the gateway (which is the host).

From the vms the outbound traffic is allowed and I can ping the host by his LAN IP.

When cluster is deleted (kubeadm reset) and vm is restared , the problem disappear.

Could you help me configure calico to allow access from the host to the master node?