Can you use Kubernetes3.27 with the latest version of Calico?

I will ask you two questions.

  1. Isn’t “calico: 3.26” currently guaranteed to work with “k8s: 1.27”?
  2. Do you have any plans to test ① in the future?(If ① is NO)

Recently, Kubernetes 1.27 was released, and we are planning to upgrade to this version.
With the Kubernetes version upgrade, calico also needs to be upgraded.
I couldn’t find any description that “calico: 3.26” supports “k8s: 1.27”, probably because it was recently released.


Yes, in testing k8s 1.27 works fine with Calico v3.26.

You’re correct that the docs don’t say this and its because 1.27 only just came out.

In general, Calico releases work with the most recent k8s release and the 2 releases older than that, at the time of release. The only exceptions are where part of the k8s API that Calico uses has changed, which is reasonably infrequent. 1.27 did not change the k8s API in any ways that Calico cares about.

As for “guaranteed” - well, its an open source project, its hard to guarantee it’ll work in every scenario that every user might use it in. But in our testing, it works fine. You should do your own testing, and if it doesn’t work, please join us on slack so we can help you and understand if there’s a bug.

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